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Buy Cheap WoW Gold Before King Mechagon Boss | Raiditem

Postby Alendar123 » Wed Apr 17, 2019 3:42 am

:evil: The Megadungeon will feature eight bosses, with King Mechagon as the dungeon's final challenge. For Mythic+ difficulty, the dungeon will split into two segments, just like Return to Karazhan. Welcome to buy WoW gold, WoW Gear, WoW raid service, WoW mounts at best WoW gold site.


:lol: Patch 8.2 will also include a raid called Azshara's Eternal Palace. This will be Battle for Azeroth's third large-scale raid following Uldir and Battle of Dazar'alor. Between the launch of Battle of Dazar'alor and Azshara's Eternal Palace there will be a short raid called Crucible of Storms which will be released on April 16. Azshara's Eternal Palace will feature WoW Power Leveling eight bosses with Queen Azshara herself as the ultimate challenge.

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:mrgreen: Blizzard will likely release World of Warcraft patch 8.2 sometime this summer. This new dungeon and raid will be released two to three weeks after the initial launch of the Rise of Azshara patch. Are you excited about that? Share raiditem with your ideas. Hurry to buy cheap WoW gold now!