Anthem have experienced console crashes on PS4

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Anthem have experienced console crashes on PS4

Postby mmocs » Wed Mar 06, 2019 5:48 am

While it’s only been available for a short time, Anthem has already found itself the center of multiple controversies. One of the most notorious is an issue with the PlayStation 4 version of the game, where closing out of it causes a full system crash. With some PS4 gamers worried about the crashing potentially bricking their console, Sony has reportedly gone as far as to offer refunds to those who have purchased the game digitally. And now EA has issued a response, of sorts, to the unfortunate situation.

As mentioned in our review, this console-specific issue is not only frustrating, but could potentially cause issues with players’ consoles, as some players reported that they had to unplug and then plug their consoles in again before the system would power back on. When a PlayStation 4 restarts after a hard crash, players are prompted to report crash data and the system runs a check on its drives.

What does seem to be happening - fairly widely - are the after-effects of a PS4 suddenly losing power. Many fans using EA's Answers HQ report having to wait a short while (a few minutes in some cases) before their PS4 is able to be switched back on, and only then by pressing the button on the console itself rather using a controller. Some report being thrown into the PS4's hidden Safe Mode, which is a scary-looking set of menus designed to fix serious system bugs. By the way, you can buy cheap Anthem Boosting from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “ MMOCSVIP ”.

In rare cases, PS4 owners are reporting that their consoles are being “bricked,” to the point they’ll no longer properly turn on. That could be a side effect of the hard drive or other components spontaneously losing power — they’re not designed to do that, and it’s why the PS4 normally runs a hard disc check every time it accidentally gets unplugged. This forum post suggests trying a database rebuild if your PS4 isn’t working properly, though we haven’t tried that ourselves.

In last week’s episode of the Giant Bomb podcast, co-host Brad Shoemaker offered a similar account of Anthem hard-crashing his PS4. Shoemaker said the process powers off the console and results in a system check that takes roughly five minutes to fully restart the hardware. Anthem players have shared similar stories on the game’s official technical support forum. Some affected Anthem players on PS4 have reported successfully getting refunds directly from Sony, while others have said they’ve had no such luck.

BioWare already has a roadmap in place that plans to address some of the criticisms voiced in Anthem reviews, not to mention add new content. It’s anyone’s guess, however, if a year from Anthem will turn into a good game, or a dead one.